Artist Statement

My creative endeavors extend to more than one media, such as painting, sculpture and writing. I draw inspiration for my many works from the environment around me, no matter how humble the source. Color is one of the fulcrum points of my painting. The other is to bring to my canvases hidden symbols from everyday objects to evoke latent memories.

Acrylic Painting: Size: 30''x40''  Titled ''Stop Light Peppers"

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This 30"X40" Acrylic Painting is Titled: Dory with Moorings 

Acrylic Painting  Size: 30"x 40" Titled "Dory with Bouy Markers"

Acrylic Painting  Size: 30"x 40" Titled "After the Nor-Easter"

Acrylic Painting  Size: 30"x 36" Titled "Waiting forSummer"

Acrylic Painting  Size: 4' x 5' Titled "Abandoned"

Acrylic Painting  Size: 30"x 40" Tille"The Creek"

Acrylic Painting  Size: 4' x 4'  Titled ''The Last Baggage Cart"Titled"The Last Baggaged Cart"

This  4 foot by 4 foot Acrylic Stage-4 painting is Is Titled:  Bryan's Buoy Tender"  This was done in four stages. This will give you insight on how I work a painting.

Stage -2

Stage -1

Stage-4 Bryan's Bouy Tender

Stage -3