Art Trek (A Road Map For Beginning Artists)  The purpose of this booklet is to give budding artists the tools to advance their artistic aspirations. A few of the topics cover  (1) Your Goals, (2) Setting up your studio, (3) Your image  

"In this world of electronic chaos, art does not care about race, creed, or color, or if you are young or old. What matters is that you are unique and have the ability to create beauty out of chaos"

gene galipeau

These books can be found on and  If you like I would be glad to send you a signed cop y- Just e-mail me . 

"P.E.I." is a humorous book about  Island life and is comprised of over 14 short stories.  This  best describes Prince Eward Island. ''Farmland with fields of gold touch the sea, quaint fishing villages dot the landscape of brilliant green".

"This was a time when ferries were the only way to travel across the nine miles of open water to reach Prince Edward Island. You always felt that you were embarking on a special voyage to a peaceful place in time.''

gene  galipeau

This book is about Polio .

 Here  is ,a passage  from my book"I have to say this.NEVER, NEVER let anyone say to you that you have no worth because of what life has dealt you. Every dawn that you get up  and strap on  your braces, your prostheses, take you meds to stabiliize your condition, and get in your wheelchair, you accomplish a feat of courage. This is called inner strength! You contribute! by saying a kind word or by a kind act you make this word a better place for all of us. Some times I succeed, some times I fail.  After all we are only a spirit in the garden of the universe. Here is to endless victory."  gene galipeau