My love of technology joins with my visceral need to use my hands. I create sculptures from found objects such discarded automobile parts or old out dated computer parts or old computer hard disks.

Sculpture Titled "VW  Bug"

Sculpture Titled "Data"                            

This was conceived and created with a stream of consciousness connecting love of techology with my visceral need to use my hands to create. Obsolete data computer disks were placed in tenuous, but balanced positions to show my belief that technology, with all its advantages places us in a tenuous position with the earth and possibly balances us in our present time.

 Sculpture Titled  "Industral Excalibar"

Sculpture Titled"Tel-Star"

Sculpture Titled"Octo Pump"

 Sculpture Titled  "MASH 707"

Sculpture Titled  "VW Bug No. 2"

 Sculpture Titled  "Fonts"

 Sculpture Titled  "Medcine  Mask" Carved from Black Oak"

 Sculpture Titled  "Venus Dragon Fly"

 Sculpture Titled  "Venus Dragon Fly" 2